I am happy to support Meadowmount with a gift! image

I am happy to support Meadowmount with a gift!


Dear Friends!

When the esteemed teacher Ivan Galamian started a summer school for his violin students in 1944 in the Adirondacks, he created a unique environment for young string players to hone their skills in a distinctly new way: an intensive focus on practice limiting the distractions of everyday life. Young artists were given the rare opportunity of time and everything needed to make practice and study productive. It was a radically different life for seven weeks and became known for the incredible gains students made in their individual playing, as well as the friendships and camaraderie lasting a lifetime. “A year’s progress in seven weeks” became the unofficial motto, and Meadowmount became the summer home of some of the greatest emerging string players of their generation.

Other programs have used this successful model, but Meadowmount remains the original, its singular mission to provide a nurturing environment for intensive study and practice. The campus has expanded but still provides an idyllic and protective setting, far removed from everyday life. The Meadowmount experience offers a unique gift to young artists: the opportunity to focus and work on one’s technique and music-making in the company of so many other inspiring players, with the guidance of a singularly devoted faculty. Students and teachers continue to return year after year to enjoy and benefit from this special place.

I enthusiastically returned for five summers sensing the growth in my playing from one year to the next with the help and guidance of lessons with Sally Thomas and Mr. G, which sometimes numbered three per week! Hearing the dedicated practice and weekly concerts of the students at Meadowmount by the likes of Pinchas Zukerman, Kyung Wha Chung and an unforgettable recital by Michael Rabin, inspired me to work harder than I could have anywhere else.

It is an exciting time at Meadowmount as the school looks towards the future with a new Artistic Director, Janet Sung, and new Executive Director, Mark Hayman. Mark comes to Meadowmount from another of my beloved alma maters, Young Concert Artists, and Janet is herself a Meadowmount alumna. Both bring a wealth of experience, ideas and energy. While 2020 saw the suspension of school due to the pandemic, I was delighted to see activities resume in 2021 with a highly successful virtual program for 140 students.

It’s great to know Meadowmount will be in person for the 2022 summer session! Please join me in supporting this truly remarkable institution. With your help, we can offer more scholarships to deserving young artists to benefit from the Meadowmount experience; improve campus facilities; livestream concerts for all to enjoy; and expand our digital media presence and community engagement. For 77 years, Meadowmount has been at the forefront of giving great string players a place to grow; please make a tax-deductible contribution today to help a new generation in 2022!

Wishing you and yours a holiday season filled with music,


Ani Kavafian
Meadowmount Alumna 1966-70